purveyor of beauty

Beauty resonates—elevating an event and marking it as something special. It is our goal to bring together the elements of nature and design in such a way as to provide you with these moments. Whether it's the lushness of unfolding petals in an antique garden rose, the aged patina of a well worn vessel or the way a hand-dyed piece of silk ribbon softly falls from a bouquet—it is our desire for and your wedding guests to experience beauty. 

Sprout designer, Michelle Hodges, has an eye for beauty. Living for a time in the English countryside, she gained an appreciation for the wild lushness of an English garden. She brings this aesthetic to all her designs creating a feeling of effortless elegance and movement in her work. Starting with a European style flower market, she has taken Sprout to where it is today—a floral design studio with a love of all things beautiful.