Sarracenia, Pitcher Plant

The serracenia, also known as the pitcher plant, is actually a carnivorous plant that is native to Texas. The funnel-shaped leaves have a nectar along the rim which attracts insects. Once inside, the plant produces enzymes which digest the insect as a nutrient source. While fascinating, I actually just like them because of their unusual shape and design. We have some other unique and rare flowers this week along with some old favorites:

  • purple foxglove
  • giant king protea
  • yellow kangaroo paws
  • yellow marco polo
  • yellow anise
  • yellow/red and pink/green parrot tulips
  • pink and green hypericum berries
  • 100% organic yellow roses
  • red/pink speckled Bengala roses
  • white lisianthus
  • hot pink snaps
  • hot colored gerberas
  • yellow irises
  • orange/yellow freesia
  • green safari sunset