Happy Thanksgiving

As I look back over the past year, I'm thankful for...our faithful customers who have made the extra effort to buy their flowers from us rather than simply picking up something while at the grocery store...the local businesses that have included us in their daily operations and events--Jeep Collins Jewelry, enid, Hill Country Outfitters, Ambleside School, Boot Ranch, Tanglewood Family Office, The Gillespie County Historical Society, Knopp Nursing Homes, The Hangar Hotel, red, Hill Country State Bank...and sent business our way--Morgan Davis, Elizabeth Harris Event Design, Becker Vineyards, Kairos Celebration Barn, Gastehaus Schmidt, and the Hoffman Haus...the brides that have put their trust in us--Sylvia, Kristi, Kate, Margaret, Brie, Michelle, Christina, Ana, Jill, Kristen, Korie, Dana, Kate, Reesa, Jennifer, Stacey, Sharman, Ellen, Amy, Ryan, Heather, Cara, and Simpson, and of course, their grooms...the photographers that have made our work look beautiful--Svetlana Frolova and Suzy Q. Varin...the artists that have inspired our art shows--Greg, Candace, Rhoda, Eric, Julie, Katherine, Jon, Paige and Cavan...and those that have provided the unique creations that have filled our shop--Alison's garden markers, Holly’s prints and necklaces, Shannon's Rifferaff soaps, Monya's velvet pumpkinsVicki's mittas and Paige's pillows...the blogs who have mentioned our shop--gathering spriggs, enid, Elizabeth Harris Events and most recently Hill Country House...my friends and family who have supported me on a daily basis...and most of all I am thankful to God for providing it all. Have a happy Thanksgiving!