Saracena Lilies and Protea Pincushions

Here are a few of the more unusual blooms we have in the shop this week. I always find these particular flowers hard to pass up because they make such a statement on their own. I've mentioned before that the saracena is actually carnivorous—think Little Shop of Horrors—because a liquid inside the bloom attracts and traps insects. Some people like to keep them in their kitchen for this reason. And the pincushion is just stunning as the individual fronds pop out of the center of the bloom.

More traditional flowers this week include:

  • creamy yellow Serrano Oriental lilies
  • blue agapanthus
  • white dubium (very large blossoms)
  • lavender double tulips
  • fuchsia dahlias
  • pink bouvardia
  • yellow snaps
  • ivory roses
  • feverfew
  • euphorbia
  • cherry laurel