Fall Show at Marburger Farm

Last week was the fall antiques show at Marburger Farm and as it was unseasonably hot with temperatures over 100°, the vendors deserve kudos for braving the heat to share their wares. The most ingenious design in my book was by British Route Sign Designs. In addition to vintage transit route signs, they've taken inspiration from the signs to develop an entire product line which includes clothing, upholstered pieces, pillows and more.

This bowl of vintage balls was in the booth of the 2 Lucy's. I have no idea what they are—but loved the display.

And I love everything about these urns at French by Design—the color and shape as well as the sea fans in muted shades.

House Wren did a masterful job of mixing beautiful vintage pieces with plant material.

Kay Gilbreath specializes in decorative books, but her playful displays are what attracted me. I also loved seeing her egg crate shelving similar to the tables we have at the shop.

I was thrilled to find Jennifer Zanetti's collection of vintage ribbons and trims and couldn't pass up the velvet ribbon which I hope to use in bridal bouquets.

And it wouldn't be a report from Marburger without showing the latest whimsical creation by antique dealer and jewelry designer, Polly Hitt. You may remember her gnome throne and chandelier from past shows. Her showcase piece this time was a mirror adorned with birds, but the best part about the picture is that you can see the artist herself in the background.

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