Paper Cut Designs by Rob Ryan

If you remember my recent post about the Columbia Road Flower Market, you may remember me mentioning the great shops lining the street. One of the shops, Ryantown, is the storefront of paper cut artist Rob Ryan. My friend and guide, Janice, pointed out his work explaining that he lived and worked in East London. I then began to see his work everywhere I went—from small gift shops to the Supermarket Sarah pop-up shop in Selfridges.


The walls and shelves of Ryantown are filled with Rob's intricate paper cut designs on ceramic tiles, pillows, and screen prints as well as limited edition laser cuts. It's not near as much fun, but if you don't have a trip to London in your near future, you can purchase some of these items from his etsy shop. Or...

you can find his designs on umbrellas, mugs, water bottles, shopping bags or my favorite—bunting—now available at Sprout or online here.