Spring Show at Marburger and Beyond

As I mentioned last week, I just got back from the spring antique shows in Round Top, Texas. While I enjoy the variety of venues in and around Round Top, the show at Marburger Farms is always a treat because of the quality of vendors and because it serves as such a great source of inspiration. Following are my picks for both ingenious displays and fabulous finds. And it's interesting to see how many of the vendors were in my post from the last show.

First up is this charming mirror adorned by vintage baby shoes made by Mo McSwane of Rubbish—perfect for a child's room or nursery. 

Polly Hitt, the creator of the gnome throne from the fall show, was back with more of her assemblages of pieces foraged from the forrest—this time with several lighting fixtures. Look closely because the details are amazing. Known more for her antiques and jewelry, Polly is the owner of Special Effects Antiques in Tyler, Texas. 

To see the length to which Polly will go for these pieces, check out the story she tells in the comment section from last fall. This colorful collection of artist brushes and palettes was also part of her booth.

Another truly eclectic collection was found in the booth of Kirk Albert Vintage Furnishings of Seattle. In addition to an antique car with mohair seats from a Coney Island ride called the Whip, Kirk had these fascinating found objects. Check out his website's image gallery to see where his one-of-a-kind pieces have landed.

Melanie Mills Designs has a beautiful booth filled with elegant antique pieces and linens. I know I'm supposed to be all about real flowers, but I always find myself drawn to her paper flower arrangements. You may have noticed these popping up in other prominent places lately, but Melanie has had them for some time.

I especially liked these lilac ones.

Another creative display of paper flowers was found in the booth of Peg and Jon Van Dyne of French Vanilla.

New to Marburger this year (but not Round Top) was Janet Romine, also of Rubbish. You can find a full post from a previous show over at Hill Country House. Janet's pieces often incorporate letters and words as seen in this display of creative monogram frames using everything from old handwritten letters to yearbook photos and musical scores as backgrounds.

And for one of my favorites outside of Marburger—actually just across the road at the Texas Rose show—Susan Skinner's booth. This is where I found my new shop table as well as many other great pieces over the years.

I still haven't unpacked the treasures I found and honestly I can't remember it all so it will be a bit like Christmas this week as I start to unpack. I do remember lots of bottles and vintage vessels for use in weddings and flower arrangements—and lots of blue.