Lara Collins Bobo Designs

The newest addition to our designs by local artists are necklaces and prints by Lara Collins Bobo. If you are familiar with Lara and her work, you know that she comes from a family of artists and I think that's what I like best about these pieces. Both Lara's father, Jeep Collins, a master of handcrafted jewelry, and her grandmother, Enid Collins, best known for the Collins bags of the '60s, worked in leather at some point in their careers and so it seems fitting for Lara to choose this medium. The colors and shapes are reminiscent of Enid's designs, but the finished designs are all Lara. 

I'm happy to have these pieces in the shop along with this new edition screen print; however, to see the extent of Lara's work, go to her design blog and be sure to check out her new adventure as she and her husband, Tim, start the process of adopting a child from Uganda.