City Shop, Country Shop

On my recent trip to England I visited two flower shops—Bloomsbury Flowers in London and Spriggs Florsit in Petworth. I've gotten to know both shops over the past year by following them on Twitter, but there's nothing like being able to visit them in person. Get ready, this is a long one, but I wanted to show them together as both have beautifully unique businesses in very different locations.

I actually found Bloomsbury on my last trip while walking around the Covent Garden area. Owners Mark Welford and Stephen Wicks have created a beautiful space in the heart of London catering to the nearby hotels and theaters as well as the general public. 

Known for their creative window displays, I loved the simplicity of this one compared to the lushousness within.

Stephen and Mark have co-written Flower Arranging which was published last year by Dorling-Kindersley and can be seen here in multiple languages. I left with a signed copy as a souvenir!

This topiary was going out the day I was there to an event at the nearby Royal Opera House.

Most arrangements going out for delivery are hand-tied bouquets packed in water and a tissue-lined box.

These beauties were for the fashionable suites at The Covent Garden Hotel.

Here are a few more shop photos and a peek into their work space. If you look carefully, you can see Mark in the back at work under the skylight which lets in much needed natural light. Sadly my picture of the whole crew did not turn out.

After a few days in London, I headed south and spent a few days in the historic village of Petworth, home to Spriggs Florist. I've been following Spriggs for the last year, so it was nice to finally put a face with the name. Siblings Samantha and Matthew Spriggs run the family business that has been handed down from their parents. Matthew was away on vacation himself, so I did not get to meet him, but I was able to visit with Samantha and was introduced to her son and one of the shop dogs, Petals.

Spriggs now has two locations—the original shop with a nice selection of fresh flowers and plants and the newly opened shop around the corner (seen here) which specializes in silk arrangements and gift items along with a cozy room upstairs for consultations. I love the mannequin in the upstairs window.

While located in the country, their style is very sophisticated. They are often called upon to provide the decor for nearby country homes and design the lushest of weddings. Here's a peek inside the original location.

Fabulous staghorn ferns with orchids.

And the gorgeousness as it spills out onto the front steps.

Another inspiring window display.

Samantha often mentions her daily walks in Petworth Park, the grounds of the nearby Petworth House which are open to the public, so we made it a spot for a picnic and came across these real staghorns.

Thank you to both Bloomsbury and Spriggs for allowing me in with my camera and curiosity. It was great meeting up with you and I look forward to following your work over the next year. Cheers!

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