Marburger Farms—Fall Show

I'm back from the fall show at Marburger Farms and I'm starting with this picture not only because it is from what has become one of my favorite booths, House Wren, but also because I ended up bringing home the table for the shop. You can only see the top here, but it is now front and center at Sprout. Nancy and Mike have a penchant for collecting and knack for creating one-of-a-kind fixtures, lighting and floral displays.

Another favorite is South Porch Antiques. With our common fondness for all things vintage and blue, I'm always drawn to something in their booth and this time it was these turquoise chairs.

Judy Hill of J Hill Designs had beautiful garden inspired items in a palette of whites which included these garden gnomes and a statue of a small girl.

Parkhouse Antiques had a novel twist on the mounted deer as well as a beautiful display including a wonderfully rusted green urn with architectural elements.

Polly Hitt's booth is always a delight. I loved these metal cranes along with her usual light fixtures exquisitely embellished with bits from the natural world.

As you can see, I saw a lot of cranes. Here's another by Inner Pieces.

And sometimes I'm simply taken by the novelty of the display itself as seen here by Evelyn Jones Antiques.

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