Holiday Gift Guide

As you consider the people on your gift list, ponder these beauties: 

Eden giant floor puzzle by vintage modern artist, Alexander Girard—24" X 36" jigsaw puzzle perfect for ages 3 and up ($19.95). Similar items: Alexander Girard Memory Game, Charley Harper Memory Game

Jewelry by Gresham handcrafted necklaces, bracelets and earrings incorporating semi-precious stones and vintage pieces ($35-$90) 

Hand-dyed Scarves by scarfshop in a beautiful variety of colors ($15/$30)

Ceramics by Ildi handmade in the Netherlands, available in turquoise, orange, yellow and green ($14) 

Map paintings by Rachel Austin original mixed media paintings incorporating vintage maps with locations including several Texas areas (yes, Fredericksburg is one) as well as other favorites. ($70-$95) Similar items: original arwork by Candace Morgan, Greg Morgan and Jon Buell.

Bottled Birds by Sandra Outland vintage bottles lined with an original drawing on glassine paper and filled with various found objects—many from nature. ($45-$80)

Reindeer ornament and colorful Indian yarn balls ($15/$30)

Unique one-of-a-kind mitta—fingerless mitts made from recylced sweaters. Buy them while they last because sadly this is the last season. ($32)

As always, we are happy to mail any item you see here and don't forget, we are now open on Saturdays!

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