Ellen and Darrell & Melanie and Seth on Style Me Pretty


This has been a busy week for many reasons, but now that the madness is over, I wanted to make sure that these two lovely weddings were not missed. These were truly two of my favorite weddings from 2011 because of the creativity and industriousness of the brides coupled with a genuineness that was evident on thier big day. It's funny to say that about two completely separate weddings—but it suits them perfectly and both weddings have been featured in the last week on Style Me Pretty. There are some similarities beyond the talented brides. Both wanted a natural almost rustic feel, so we used lots of succulents and various berries and pods for texture, but the similarities stop there as each brought their own personality and style to their decor. As always, we wouldn't have the beautiful images to enjoy without the talents of the photographers: The Nichols and Sarah Q respectively. I've pulled a few of my favorite pics below, but be sure click on the links to get the full features.

First up is the wedding of Ellen and Darrell at the Hoffman Haus in Fredericksburg. Ellen was the first bride I met that had a Pinterest board filled with ideas. I had begun building my own boards on pinterest, but seeing all of Ellen's ideas on one page was so helpful in defining the look she was after. I must say, most of the elements of the day were Ellen's with the flowers by Sprout.

The wedding of Melanie and Seth took place on the beautiful grounds of the Boulder Springs Event Center near New Braunfels, Texas. I first met Melanie along with her sister, Ashleigh, both of whom are partners in Mayhar Designs. Their expertise can be seen throughout the decor, but most especially in the flower girl wands and ring bearer pillows that are their signature items. The wedding was the first weekend of December and they were blessed with the perfect day for their outdoor ceremony.

Thank you to both of these lovely brides for allowing me to collaborate with them and be a part of their equally unique weddings. And blessings to both newlywed couples! 

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