Beautiful Bookcovers

I picked up this copy of The Enchanted April published by Virago Books on my recent trip to London. I found it in the treasure of a bookstore, Daunt Books, and knew it was going to be my vacation read—partly because it fit the bill with somewhat of an escapist plot, but mainly because the cover was so beautiful. The design, "Winter Stem" was created by Angie Lewin for Liberty.

I'm wondering if we are beginning to see a trend in the publishing of books—in an effort to combat the electronic reader there is a renewed effort to create beautiful bookcovers. Penguin's Hardcover Classics were the first to catch my eye. Designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith, each cover creatively incorporates a pattern which signifies the book's character and meaning in some way. I love the design and color combination of Sense and Sensibility although I haven't yet worked out the significance of the design. Any ideas?

And now Penguin has come out with a new series, The Penguin Threads. Artist Jillian Tamaki sketched each cover and then hand-stitched the final design. The Secret Garden is my favorite, but Emma and Black Beauty are also a part of the series. 

Some of you may be wondering what this has to do with flowers—it doesn't really, just great design.

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