Round Top Wish List

It's almost time for the spring antiques fair in Round Top so I've been working on my wish list. Faced with so many options every day, I find that it is helpful to have a visual reminder of items I need for upcoming weddings or ideas I have seen and want to implement. I'm sorry I don't have many photo credits*, but here's a breakdown of the images:

First Row: 1. interesting containers for terrariums  2. vintage saucers for potted plants  3. an inspiring cover to an Amy Butler catalog—I've actually had this for awhile and have only managed to find one piece in this great citron shade  

Second Row: 1. vintage suitcases for props  2. I found several of these vintage wine bottles last year, but need 1 more for an upcoming wedding 3. always on the lookout for interesting props  

Third Row: 1. I'm thinking of making a ribbon display for the shop and love this one with old bread trays  2. wooden berry boxes used to be quite common, but were a bit pricier last show—I need a few more for weddings (photo by Sarah Q Photography)

For any of you at the show, if you see something I need, feel free to tweet me!

*I'm trying to come up with a better system for filing away inspiration photos. In the meantime, if you recognize any of these, please let me know and I will add a credit.

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