Soaps from Saipua

Saipua soaps have arrived and the shop smells divine! I've been a fan of Saipua for some time—the soaps and the flowers. If the name is new to you, it's derived from the Finnish name for soap and is quickly becoming synonymous with outrageously stunning floral design due to the floral genious of Sarah Ryhanen. I digress—the soaps are made by hand in Brooklyn by the Ryhanen family and the only thing that matches the scents is the beautiful packaging.

And now, more about the flowers—in addition to Sarah's natural ability to make us all want to emulate her floral designs, she is a witty and honest writer as can be seen on her blog, where she chronicles her life as a florist in Brooklyn and the new adventures of turning her newly purchased farm in upstate New York into a working flower farm. Enjoy her musings and photography and come by the shop to pick out your favorite Saipua soap for a gift or a splurge!

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