Map Paintings by Rachel Austin

Greenwood by Rachel Austin

I first came across the work of artist Rachel Austin several years ago in a shop in downtown Austin, Texas. I can't remember the shop, but her paintings have remained a favorite—especially her map paintings. With these, she takes vintage maps and uses them as the basis for paintings which are often inspired by nature. I'm beyond thrilled to now have them available at Sprout and she has even made some specific to our area using maps of Fredericksburg and Lake Travis.

Fredericksburg by Rachel Austin

Lake Travis by Rachel AustinOther paintings feature maps from Mission Bay, Battery Park in New York City and Vancouver Island.

Mission Bay by Rachel Austin

Battery Park by Rachel Austin

Vancouver Island by Rachel Austin

While I first heard of Rachel in Austin, she actually lives and works in Portland, Oregon, along with her husband and daughter. You can keep up with her work through her blog, paper & planes, or stop by to see the collection we now have at Sprout. Notecard sets of both her map and oil paintings are also available.

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