Nantucket—need I say more...

This post is a bit out of order as it took place before I did the shop makeover—although it is most likely the reason I was up for it. Earlier this month I was treated to a week in Nantucket along with the girls in my family and was reminded of how important and invigorating vacations can be. Lazy days away from the heat of Texas where we actually wore sweatshirts most mornings and afternoons spent collecting shells along the beach were nothing short of magical.

If you've been to Nantucket, you know the flowers that grow in the gardens rival what is seen at the best floral shops.

Yes, that's clematis!

And the meal I will dream of for months to come—lobster roll at the Summer House in Siasconset accompanied by a blueberry mojito made with locally distilled Triple 8 vodka.


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