Featured Florist—The Flower Appreciation Society


As I look at the title of this post, I can see how it might conjure up images of American garden clubs or British Women's Institute gatherings, but I can assure you, The Flower Appreciation Society has nothing of the stuffiness at times associated with these organizations, but all of the passion for all things floral—with a hefty dose of "quirky" mixed in. That's actually the term they use to define themselves along with the tag line, "not your average florists." The Society consists of the talented designers Ellie Jauncey and Anna Day who work out of a studio in the Hackney neighborhood of East London. For more revealing photos, check out their contact page.

Their blog stays true to their name by highlighting both their beautiful designs in the category of We Make and their appreciation of design they find inspiring in the category of We Appreciate. Here are somes examples of their appreciation of flowers.

And some of their own designs for our appreciation. First, one of my all time favorite bouquets along with a buttonhole that only a Brit could pull off.

photography by Polly PicturesSome of their hand-tied bouquets...

And wonderfully unique buttonholes.

As I mentioned, the FAS studio is located in Hackney, not far from two of my favorite street markets, Columbia Road flower market and Broadway Market mentioned here and here—so perhaps I will be able to add them to my next visit. Meanwhile, I can get lost in their blog. Have fun exploring their site—one of the most creative I've seen—and their blog and come back here to let me know what you appreciate.

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