Summer Reading—The Gentle Art of Domesticity by Jane Brocket

Here's the stack of books that I go to at present whenever I have the time. In a perfect world, I would read each and write a full review here. In lieu of that dream, I will settle for tackling one at a time and first up is The Gentle Art of Domesticity by British author Jane Brocket.

If you’re turned off by the name of this book, read on—that’s the point. Jane Brocket was educated at what she describes as a “fiercely academic girls’ school” followed by studies in Russian and French at university. Her career ranges from selling textiles across most of Europe to being a brand manager for an international wine and spirits company. While she is able to hold her own in the corporate world, this accomplished woman now unabashedly delights in all things domestic—in domesticity as opposed to domestication—as she fills her life and home with things of beauty.

Jane definitely has an eye for color and every page of The Gentle Art is filled with vibrant examples of her work and inspiration—most photographed by Jane herself. 

I am not going to attempt a full book review as that would require that I finish reading the book and I’d much rather take the long days of summer to savor it bit by bit. While not necessarily a “how to” book, it is sure to inspire. As I read it, I find myself torn between wanting to read on and wanting to try my hand at one of the gentle arts myself. Last week I did both and have now begun a quilt inspired by her bold use of color and carefree form.

From gathering inspiration from books and movies with domestic settings to seeing the wholeness of life in the knitting of a sock, Brocket celebrates creativity and life with every project. More than anything, she gives us all the freedom to enjoy the gentle arts by unravelling their sometimes hidden value. You can find even more inspiration on her blog, yarnstorm, where she gives glimpses into her daily life and latest projects. And should you decide to pick up the book yourself, be sure to come back here and let me know what creativity it inspired. Enjoy!

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