A little over a year ago, I opened SproutVintage, an etsy shop filled with a mix of vintage items I find. It's actually been very interesting seeing what sells and getting to know others who are doing the same. Who knew there was such a thing as kissing bobble heads with magnets to keep their lips together? And how popular Mad Men has made anything Mid Century—especially barware. Here are a few of my current favorites (with links below) or check out the full shop here.

Vintage Finds at Marburger Farms

Yes, I'm a bit late with this post as the antique show at Marburger Farms was early April, but I'm going with the whole better late than never thing. Full disclosure—I've participated in the VIB (very important blogger) program for the last several years in which they give us a pass to the show in exchange for covering it on our blog, so the real apologies for my tardiness should go to the lovely people of Marburger who pass out those wrist bracelets.

On to the good stuff though. After getting off without my camera, I grabbed my iphone and tried to find some new vendors to highlight this time—some of my favorites always sneak into the mix though. I'll just leave you with the eye candy now and include links where I can so you can find the sources.

Gatherings with "a collection of natural treausres from the fields, the woods and the seashores"—always a treat.

Theresa Cano of Garden Antqs Vintage has fabulous displays and finds along with being responsible for the Marburger blog.

Loved the hints of turquoise against the backdrop of black and solid whites at Lauri Evans Designs.

If there was a prize for most intricate display, it would have to go to Judiths Wholesale Antiques along with kudos for having the largest wine bottle rack.

Simply Country Antiques from nearby Smithville, Texas, had more beautiful whites and blues.

Loved this flower stand (proper name is probably "epergne") and vintage silver from The Silk Purse of Atlanta.


And Best of Show once again goes to House Wren of Austin.

Next show begins October 1!

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Vintage Botanical Charts

With the beginning of wedding season and the antiques fair in Round Top, I've been a bit remiss at posting for the last few weeks. A post from the Marburger show is in the works, but meanwhile here is a sneak peek at what's new in the shop. These German botanical charts were among my favorite finds. Designed in the mid century by Jung-Koch-Quentell, these paper on linen designs make wonderful wall hangings outside of the classroom as well. While currently gracing the walls at the shop, both are available from SproutVintage.

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Introducing Sprout Vintage

Vintage items have always been a part of Sprout, but now they will be accessible to those outside the burg as I've just opened a vintage shop on etsy. Items include pieces that are flower-related in some way and others that are not. The shop can be accessed through etsy or simply by clicking on the Vintage link to the right. Head on over to see what's listed and check back periodically as I hope to add a few more things from the shop as well as new finds.

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